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Be Bright Be Seen

One of a parent’s concerns is that their child is safe when they’re out and about.
Increasing numbers of cars on the roads mean that children need to be more aware of the dangers of walking and cycling.

So how can we help children to stay safe on the roads...

We can’t prevent all accidents but we can do our best to make sure that motorists are more aware when there are children around. Apart from teaching children about road safety from an early age we can also encourage them to wear bright reflective clothing.


‘Be Bright Be Seen’ is a government initiative aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of the roads for children. You may have seen the chilling animations on the TV. They’re aimed at children and offer a very stark message to them – take care near traffic or there could be serious consequences.

It’s a powerful campaign and its main recommendations are:

  1. dress brightly
  2. wear reflective gear
  3. customize your backpack

This is great advice and one that we strive to bring to children across the UK with our annual ‘Be Safe Be Seen’ campaigns in schools where we spread the message that kids need to wear reflective and fluorescent gear to give them the best chance of staying safe near roads.

Other Ways For Kids Be Safe On The Roads

Given that nearly 2,500 children under the age of 16 die or are seriously injured on the roads in the UK each year then it’s crucial that kids learn about road safety too.

Teaching children the Green Cross Code is top of the list and here are some other tips from the Department of Transport that can help children stay safe:

  • Always hold hands with young children near traffic
  • Make sure your child walks on the pavement away from the traffic
  • Use traffic islands, zebra, pelican and puffin crossings, footbridges and subways
  • Don’t take risks when crossing the road with young children – they’ll follow your example

There are some great resources on the internet to help teach children about road safety:

The Department of Transport’s road safety website has an education section for parents that includes downloadable worksheets for kids.

Playing Road Safety Games

Playing road safety games is another great way of raising awareness and helping children learn to be safe on the roads. Here are a few as recommended by the Department of Transport’s road safety website ‘Think!’:

  • Play ‘spotting’ games: where’s a van? Can you see a lorry? Let’s see who can spot a bus first.
  • Ask your child to tell you about the vehicles waiting at the traffic lights or passing you in the car. You can play ‘what’s coming next?’ – guessing the next approaching vehicle.
  • Talk about vehicles you see: which goes fastest, which is largest, which carries people and which carries things? Talk about the directions in which vehicles are travelling and the sounds they make.
  • Draw vehicles with your child, guessing each other’s pictures and seeing how many you can come up with.
  • Ask your child why traffic can be dangerous.

Online road safety games for kids are also available on the government’s ‘Tales of the Road’ website

Keeping Walking Groups Safe

Nursery and primary schools can have a real challenge on their hands when they take their children out of the safety of the school grounds. Children can be unpredictable so it makes sense to make sure they’re as safe as possible.

The Tag Strap, a hi-vis walking safety strap , has been especially designed for taking out groups of young children on a walk. Combine the visibility of the strap with the children and adult supervisors all  dressed in fluorescent and reflective vests and caps and they can’t help but be bright, be seen and be safe.

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