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The Tag Strap

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The Tag Strap is a high visibility safety walking aid specifically designed for taking groups of primary and nursery aged children out and about.

This safety aid is used by many schools, nurseries, after school clubs and childminders who want the added security of knowing that the children are safe and staying together on their outings and trips.

tagstrap2.jpgMany young children find it difficult to maintain the concentration and awareness required to stay safe near traffic – after all, there are friends to chat with and many other distractions.  

By using the Tag Strap whilst their road awareness skills are developing children can walk safely and more confidently near busy roads.
This unique safety device allows up to 10 children (age dependent) and 2 adults to link on to a hi-visibility strap.

How the Tag Strap works

  • Each child wears a individual, secure anti-bacterial wrist tag
  • Each wrist tag simply slides onto the reflective master Strap. 
  • The adult supervisors hold either end of the master strap, safe in the knowledge that the children are connected securely
  • At 2.4 metres each master strap comfortably accommodates up to 10 children but can easily be adjusted to carry fewer children.
  • The Tag Strap makes it a much easier and safer way to manage groups of children on outings

Why Use the Tag Strap?

  • It helps keep the group together
  • Helps prevent children from running into danger 
  • Helps reduce the risks of potential incidents
  • Makes the group more visible to motorists
  • Encourages more outdoor classes and educational walks/trips
  • Makes outings less stressful for the Adult supervisors and therefore more enjoyable for the kids

Download/view the Tag Strap Instructions here.

Quality & Safety Reassurance
Designed and made in the UK, Tag Strap has been through numerous product safety tests and has been proven to conform to European Safety Standard – BS EN 13210:2004

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