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Walking Buses

Join the Walking Bus Revolution

Walking buses are the cool, smart, fun way for kids to get to school.
Instead of being cooped up in the car with a stressed mum or dad kids could be enjoying fresh air, chatting with their friends and getting fit at the same time.

So What Is A Walking Bus

A walking bus is an environmentally friendly, healthy and safe way for kids to walk to school.
The bus is a group of children and at least two adults walking together to school.
One adult leads the group, the ‘driver’, whilst another adult supervises from the back, the ‘conductor’.
Children are simply picked up at designated ‘bus stops’ on a planned route to school.

Why It’s Smart to Use a Walking Bus

There are loads of benefits to getting kids and parents to use a walking bus. They’re a great alternative to driving to school as they:

  • Help kids to improve their general fitness
  • Reduce traffic around schools improving safety and congestion
  • Encourage traffic to slow down around schools
  • Reduce the stress of having to drive the kids to school
  • Are better for the environment: they have zero emissions
  • Can save parents time and money
  • Encourage social interaction and independence
  • Reduce pollution around schools
  • Improve levels of concentration so kids are ready for school
  • Improve road safety awareness and understanding

Staying Safe on the Walking Bus

It’s a smart option to make sure that the kids and adults on the walking bus can be seen by passing motorists.
The easy way to do this is with our reflective high vis vests that slip on over coats. They come in a range of fun reflective patterns for both children and adults.

Setting up Your Own Walking Bus

The success of the scheme will depend on the commitment of the parents/volunteers. It will be up to this group to get it started, keep the momentum going and promote it amongst the school and community.

You can read a step-by-step guide on how to set up your own walking bus here.

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